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[txt] well yeah that bit is kinda sketchy I know. well he gets to do whatever he wants with the remainder of each soul, not sure what he does with them but hey he’s a demon, maybe he gets kicks outta having souls in his clutches or whatever the fuck

[txt] he’s looking for a host body too. Among the dead guys. Whichever he happens to like I guess.

[txt] we’ve gotten about 90 so far. we’re supposed to be done by the 29th

[txt] Kudos to you for at least getting some groundwork fucking information I’m actually impressed.

[txt] Tomorrows the 29th. What happens if he doesnt get his shit? 

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*there really had been a lot of important things in that desk. The problem was that he’d forgotten. Not that he didn’t care. But that there just hadn’t been room in his mind to remember.*

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*squints* What ain’t ya tellin’ me. Out wi’ it. 


Well it’s..

There was..

…A buncha monsters.. sorta laid me out th’other night.

An’ they took Hanna. 

[Adamantly staring at the ground.]

I don’.. I don’ know where he is.

*…His stomach seemed to drop to his fucking feet. He didn’t even… process what she said at first but he had a chorus of voices all prodding and poking at him from inside his head, from oUTside his head, echoing the truth he didn’t even want to believe. Hanna’sgoneHanna’sgoneHannaisGONE 

And it was his fault. 

He brought his hands up to his head, slowly, and his fingers grazed against the crown. The fucking crown. He’d been to busy… he’d been… Where HAD he been? What had he been doing…? He couldn’t hardly remember, he’d hadn’t been sleeping, he’d hardly been eating, so what had he been doing to let something like this…



*Rage, pure and swift, built up inside him and before he knew it he’d flung out his hand. The office desk, the actual center of his entire clinic, crunched in on itself and was gone. The little office chair stood untouched and alien looking in the now empty space. 

And then he was grabbing Charlie’s arm and pulling her towards him sharply. Looking her over. There was a part of him that was worried for her, wanting to see if she was alright, but there was a larger part of him being consumed by anger and guilt that made him want to set the entire building on fire*

Where’d ya last see ‘em. Th’ monsters. Tell me, show me. 

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*squints* What ain’t ya tellin’ me. Out wi’ it. 


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*All that calm was ripped right the fuck away when he realized what had happened. Might as well have just stole a cigarette right out of his mouth no NO n o pe he needs that gi ve it baCK GIVE IT BACK—

He was lunging at her before he even knew it, his mind raising up several different kinds of red flags at the same time. Get it backDon’t hurt herYou can’t hurt herYes you can. (this isn’t necessary) He didn’t understand one of them, just knew he needed to get it back, and he would jump on her back and wrap his arms around her neck like a midget on crack to do it*

[Nanner nan—welp. She stuck an arm straight up into the air with the crown in hand to keep it up where he couldn’t reach it. Tall as he was, she was a bit taller.]

I will body slam you. Don’t test me, Warth. Right into the floor.

*The threat wasn’t exactly effective. A body slam was nothing, (she is nothing compared to—), he was going to get that crown back. He reached his arm up, but even with the added inches that clinging to her gave him it was just out of his reach. He clawed at her hand with the one that wasn’t wrapped around her, (this isn’t necessary stop acting like a fool and just take it), almost fucking ashamed of how he must have looked. Almost. The compulsion was stronger though, the need was stronger. Ties had been made, this crown was HIS, rightfully his, he bought it fair and square, and there was no fucking WAY he was going to—

After about a minute of struggling he finally snapped*


*He didn’t even realize he had done it at first. The shockwave of Having It Back took a second or two to spread through him and settle, but as it did he began to relax. It was back alright. Hadn’t been ripped right out of her hand by his own, but by his.. mind? Will? 

What the fuck had happened…*

…S’mine ya fuck. 

The words came out muttered and quiet, a hell of a lot less sure than he meant them to be. He didn’t understand what the fuck had just happened, but as he slowly started putting his feet down on the ground he began to get it. The crown told him, not with words but with feelings. This crown was his. Rightfully his.

Ties had been made.*

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Anonymous asked: SomeOne missed it.

miSSED? Missed wut I didn’t miss anything, what.

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"I bet you can’t make an entire science video about goats," they said.

"It will never work," they said.

They were wrong.

Enjoy this mid-week blend of science and silliness from It’s Okay To Be Smart and share with your goat-loving friends!


Awesome video! Explains a lot of questions people have about goats. Why do they faint? Why does that one sound like a man? Why do they jump on everything? Why are their eyes creepy?

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whispers quietly why

That’s what I’m askin’.


An’ ‘m askin’

what’s a baby doin’ in ‘ere

at all.

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