i was savin’ it for your birthday but this seems more appropriate i guess

d’you geddit because

y’know like

he’s got phasers an’ it’s like

yayy parttyy

*no Worth doesn’t get it. He really doesn’t but that’s alright. He gets close to her as fucking possible and just pockets the card. Gonna keep that close for a little while too. Even if he doesn’t get it.*

Hanna’s comin’ home…?

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[txt] pretty sure you couldnt fuck me as hard i fucked myself

[txt] my dick’s pretty big.

[txt] this back and forth would be a hell of a lot funnier if i didnt have an artifact straight from hell sitting on my knees

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*On the drive home he was about to make a text to someone, and noticed he had a missed call. From Luke. And before he even listened to it a flash of memory played across his mind. Taunting Luke. Offering to make him his “number two” guy, another slave lackey like Charlie had been. (And that’s all she had been, for at least a little while, for too long, that’s all she’d been, oh god oh chrIST.) Blowing up and calling him worthless when he’d refused. 

So when he pressed the button to hear the message, he expected some tearful, bitter, angry reproach. Some instance of Luke getting his feet under him and biting back a little, or at least trying. Maybe an insult or two, something about how he didn’t need Worth and never did. Something like that. But instead he heard:

I swear….I swear t’fuck if you d-don’t call me back, if you don’t call me back, I-

SHIT, if you and charlie dON’T FUCKING GET BACK ALIVE, IF YOU DIE JUST FOR THAT FUCKING DUMBASS FIGHT-! [He stopped a moment, but yelled into the microphone.] KILLING THAT PSYCHO ISN’T WORTH FUCKING DYING FOR, YOU IDIOT! YOU’D BETTER BE OKAY, YOU AND CHARLIE BOth……don’t you dare fucking…..



……. He quickly sent the text he had meant to at the beginning of the drive, and shut down for the rest of it. He couldn’t deal with this right now. His face was red and he felt like throwing up and he just couldn’t deal with the fact that the last time he remembered seeing Luke was as a br o k en man and it had been his fault and that hadn’t been enough to…

Wow yeah, shutting off a bit. He should really contact Luke. When he stopped feeling like complete trash*




Sh*t, it’s them!

*It was probably not the wisest choice to lean out the window while driving, but h*ll, Matthew was excited that they actually found them and they were, for the most part, okay. (Well Charlie looked kind of nasty but Worth had mentioned a knife, so)*

H-hey! We heard something a-and then Lupin saw your hair! W-we brought first aid!

*The dhampir drove up as close as he could before putting the car in park and hopping out*

[Oh thank god they both were alive. They looked like a mess but they were alive. Lupin quickly got on out after to head towards them.]

Hanna’s safe, by the way…but ket’s get you fixed up before we get into that, yeah?

[Figured they needed that relief more than anything.]

[She breathed out a sigh when she both realized that it was Matthew and Lupin, as well as the fact that Hanna was safe. All of a sudden she felt even more exhausted than she’d been just seconds before. And she slumped a little against Worth, reaching up to attempt to wipe away some of the blood that was plastered across her forehead and face like warpaint and dried in her hair like some crude form of gel.]

I jus’ need.. jus’ need a bandage or somethin’.. Dunno if I can sit still long ‘nuff fer stitchin’.

Jus’.. Take us home.  Please.

*Yeah that was actually a big fucking relief, thank you. He squinted at Charlie a bit. Bandage, his scrawny ass. But he didn’t really have the energy to argue or fuss much. There was a car and he was gonna take it. 

He tried to help Charlie get in, then went back for something. The goddamn heart. Yeah, he was takin it. He cut that shit out for a reason. They could stare at him the entire ride home, he was gonna sit in the back of that car with a Hell crown and a bloody heart in his lap and everyone in the world could go fuck themselves for a little while*



born-a-bloodsucker replied to your post: anonymous said:Ahaha you’ll be co…

Last time I asked, h-he said he had a friend who’d come get him…

Manage to catch a name…?

N-no… Um, Veser might know, th-though? S-seemed like he was gunna stay with Hanna no matter what.

Heh. Fuckin’ sharkbait. 


Right awright we’ll just. 

We’ll figure it out.


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H-hey, wait a second- I think… I think I heard something!

*He motioned for Lupin to stay put and rolled down his window- it had distinctly sounded like… someone meowing? Then turned the car towards the sound, stretched so much he looked like he almost wasn’t sitting down any more*

[Damn it Matt this wasn’t the time to look for cats. Lupin frowned and looked around too until he saw one of William’s little freakshows stumbling about. And hey there was some red hair he familiar with]

Matt! Over there!

[He lightly smacked the dhampir’s arm, pointing.]

Come on!

[Somewhere in the middle of a personal crisis after the realization that they had no idea where Hanna was, she was distracted by the sound of a car, ears perking up as much as they could, given her current state. 

Wasn’t entirely sure who it was, but she tapped Worth’s arm, pointed at the incoming car. Look it a car.

*He didn’t recognize the vehicle and, since he had no idea that his catcall really worked, didn’t know if it was someone they knew or just some neighborhood kids coming to gawk at the wreckage. He curled his arm protectively around Charlie and straightened up as much as possible. Raised his chin wearily. 

Fuckin’ what.*

Anonymous asked: It sits in the wreckage, waiting. Somehow it grew there, already covered in the sticky brown spread. It a miracle

*Somehow he just doesn’t care. He just

doesn’t care anymore.*

born-a-bloodsucker replied to your post: anonymous said:Ahaha you’ll be co…

Last time I asked, h-he said he had a friend who’d come get him…

Manage to catch a name…?