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Galaxy Shoes ✧
Please don't remove the text (◕‿◕✿)

[6:53:26 PM] buggers: worth wears those ironically and then unironically and no one can tell when the shift from one to the other happened

[6:53:40 PM] Avery: they would go well with his jumpers

[6:53:51 PM] buggers: especially the pink skeleton one yes

[6:53:54 PM] Avery: yes

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((i gotta skedaddle for a whlie but thank you to everyone who replied~ I know it might be kind of weird for someone just following me who HASN’T seen everything happen and I kinda wish I could do somethin about that but hopefully for most people (even the newer ones) he’s still interesting and funny enough to worm his big stinky way into their hearts~~~~~~

For that matter I know the characters I play with are so amazing that they just rub that amazing all over him and it sticks like glitter and never comes off~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*throws sparkles what a dumb gay i playyy*))

Anonymous asked: Don't you think Luce Worth should be more of a jerk? No offense it's just that you kind of make him out to be really soft hearted. Like more so than he probably should be.

((actually deciding to post this because

uh?????????mMM??????? i’m not sure. I’d like to think he’s enough of a jerk, or at least talks and ACTS in a standoffish enough manner to stay true to the character, but then again I’ve always played a more lighthearted interpretation anyways. I mean take a look at his “meaningful song” on his page, it’s literally the sound track from that moonbase alpha thing lmao. 

I know there’s no offense so none taken! But as it stands right noW, I rather like my characterization of him. I mean it’s true he could probably stand to be more asshole-ish but then at the time he’s been through certain things. He’s found love, he’s taken the child of his best friend into his home in a semi permanent situation, he’s died. All these things sort of accumulate to sand down the rough edges of a person you know?

derp derp))

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[She was getting ready to eat that last one when it was suddenly being placed in her mouth. That alone caught her off guard and she blinked once or twice, only being further confused by the kisses.


…What’re you proposin’ here.

[She couldn’t help but shiver a little at the kiss to her neck, however.

Here are th’ terms.

*He wrapped his arms under hers and pulled her closer, making it easier to nip and kiss at her throat*

I’ll be Queen a th’ stairs, an’ ya can be King. An’ they’ll be our stairs together, an’ everyone else can go fuck themselves.

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((’S all good~)) [txt] Worth you know I can’t bite anybody like this. [txt] Better win that fight

[txt] dont worry im totally winning

[txt] somehow when you came over i kinda expected you to be like a rabid dog

[txt] only in kitten form


[Oh. OH. MAYBE SHE DIDN’T HAVE PATIENCE but she did have the ability to successfully act as the ‘wildcard’. Patience wasn’t a necessity. Persistence was. And she certainly had that.

So after plucking the third one out of his mouth, she put it into hers.

And then.

Ate. All three of them.

She grinned, teeth fully on display as smoke curled from her mouth.


*HE WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT, NO. Obviously, it was time to change tactics.

If one kingdom finds itself under siege and finds it’s resources being destroyed during warfare to the point of non-sustainability, then sometimes it’s a good idea to join forces. Offer a peace treaty of sorts. 

He lit another cigarette. But THIS time gently set it between HER lips, then leaned forward and softly kissed the side of her mouth. Then her jaw. Then the side of her neck.*