Maybe that’s how it starts. You stumble upon something that helps you cope, fills a void. Makes you feel something different than what you currently feel. You know in the long run it probably won’t be good for you, but you do it anyway. Tell yourself you can handle it.
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Someone tried to take ya ‘way an’ I STOPPED ‘em.

I mean ya can understand that, right? Ya can GET that, right?

*his tone isn’t harsh, but maybe just a little desperate*

Who? Was it Mister William?

*His eyes cut sharply over at Hanna with the mention of William, and he laughs. He fuckiNG LAUGHS*

Nah, ‘m savin’ somethin’ special for ‘im. 

*He turns and picks Hanna up, sets him against his hip* Don’t ya worry none ‘bout it. ‘Kay? ‘M gonna take care a ya jus’ fine. Nobody’s gonna getcha. 


born-a-bloodsucker asked: Worth... ? Are you okay?

*He’s dirty, he’s paranoid, his mood is swinging between manic elation and pride to kind of wishing everyone and everything would die, and the crown on his head has decided to start looking like the bottom of a heroin junkie’s trashcan.*

'M perfect.



I wouldn’ta HAD to hurt anyone if they didn’t try to Hanna away like a dumb fuck, jus’ sayin’.

Worf? What…?

Someone tried to take ya ‘way an’ I STOPPED ‘em.

I mean ya can understand that, right? Ya can GET that, right?

*his tone isn’t harsh, but maybe just a little desperate*


What is even going on??


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[txt] Im laughin for real right now

*he’s on the roof, in the process of attempting just what he’d described. His coat is rumpled and messy, his face looks dirtier than usual. He looks like he either didn’t get any sleep last night or did so on a mountain of crack. 

The crown looks have taken on a different shape, slightly. Instead of barbed wire, it’s a circle of what look like very thin needles. He doesn’t look over to her, just gestures with a hand*

C’mon, c’mon wanna watch. 

[She doesn’t really notice, honestly. Any of those small details. Too preoccupied with pushing herself underneath his arm and against his side in a subconscious need for touch. And with some curiosity.]

You really gonna do it?

*She’s a fucking blessing and she doesn’t even know, she doesn’t even understand. Even behind the tiredness in his limbs and the racing in his blood he feels that old familiar warmth when she just unquestioningly presses against him and all of a sudden he has to fight the urge to cry.*

Mmn. YEAH-yuh. ‘Kay. 

*He shakes the weird feeling of gratitude and fear off and pulls her close with one arm. He only needs the other to do the thing. The helicopter is big, and it’s going to take a hell of a lot of effort. He’s probably going to ACTUALLY need sleep after this, but who knows. Maybe he can just stay up forever. Maybe never sleep again. 

Either way the helicopter still rises up, just a little. Taking it’s very last “flight” as the air is filled with the crunching, screeching sound of metal scraping against itself. Then it’s gone. Not in pieces. Not blown up. 


He turns to Charlie, literally panting with exertion but beaming with pride.*

Yuh. ‘M really… gonna do it.

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*No thank you, no FUCKING thank you, he doesn’t need the crown’s hurried whispers to throw out his fist toward Conrad’s face with a growl.

(he’s not even your friend he doesn’t understand he never even liked you

He didn’t want to believe that, but there was definitely something Conrad wasn’t understanding here. And Worth would make him understand.*

*..He should have expected this. He should have KNOWN there’d be backlash, but at the same time he’d still somehow thought that the crown’s the entire problem and it’s just sitting there and if he could just GET to it— But then there’s a fist in his face and it gets him damn good, considering he was running right into it on top.*

*Groaning in pain he’s thrown back, slapping both hands over a clearly broken nose, and it’s taking him a moment to catch himself, to wait out the red hot burning that’s blocking the pathway to his thoughts.*

*When he can think again, he feels the entire seriousness of this situation building up in him. Worth IS going crazy, and maybe it’s a matter of minutes until it’s too late, and if that crown really is what he was told. Shit. SHIT.*

*No holding back now. There’s an actual red glint in his eyes, fangs bared in angry desperation, and maybe his entire appearance shifts ever so slightly, a little bit too pointy and a little bit too bony and a little bit more dangerous than he had intended to.*

You’re dodging my question, WHY did you put it on in the first place?!

*This time he isn’t going for the crown. He’s going for Worth’s throat with one hand and for his chest with the other, intending to get a tight grip on the taller man, push him back into the wall, pin him and choke him JUST enough to buy a little bit of time. THEN he’ll get to the crown. It’s sending out horrifying vibes, even he can feel that. It almost makes it hard for him to move at all, and that’s not because his nose is still bleeding and his head is still humming from the blow. Fuck this. FUCK THIS.*

*Any other day he’d be scared. A vampire with their humanity quickly fizzling off their face is a force to be reckoned with, and he had every reason to believe Conrad would try EVERYTHING he could to get his crown. (he wants it for himself) …Ha, right. Little fuck with an inferiority complex—

He didn’t time to think too much though, didn’t have time to process the acid thoughts that wormed their way into his brain and that HE DIDN’T FULLY AGREE WITH but sounded so fucking true right now, because Conrad was busy confirming them. Worth was up against the wall and it was hard to breathe and he acted out of self defense and anger but

not fear. 


'Cuz I n e e d e d to now GE’OFF ME AN’ LEMME ALONE!

*The crown only worked to amplify his words, put his intentions through a loudspeaker and if the room would have rumbled he wouldn’t have been surprised. He put his hands up and pushed at Conrad’s chest. He wanted his off of f OFF OFF FUCKINGAWAYGETAWAYwhileyoustillcan*

the-servant asked: It seems that now you Know. You Know just how worthless Hanna-boy is. You should have let me keep him. I would have left our little boy alone.

….He ain’t WORTHless he jus’.

Don’t fuckin’ get it. An’ figures a lil’ frostbite’s th’ end a th’ world. 

Also? Got a present for ya~

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I wouldn’ta HAD to hurt anyone if they didn’t try to Hanna away like a dumb fuck, jus’ sayin’.

Get away from me. Just… stay the fuck away from me. All three of you. But  you especially.

*it hurts it fucking hurts but he can’t tell what hurts more; the fact that he hurt Hanna or the fact that Hanna had tried to take his smaller counterpart away as if Worth didn’t know what he was doing or something*

ComPLETELY overreactin’ much?

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